About Us

Don Leoncio

Don Leoncio, the father of the family, was born in the year of 1929 in the Dominican Republic during the heart of the Tobacco Industry. He started working under his grandfather in 1947 growing tobacco and hand rolling cigars. He learned the traditional art of rolling Dominican Republic cigars at the early age of 18 from his grandfather.

His sons, Luis, Ysidoro, Juan, and Rafael were also involved, and later followed their father’s footsteps. They worked in many major cigar companies of the Dominican Republic making Puros. The sons traveled to the US and arrived in San Diego and became involved with the Cigar Factory. They later became involved at the Cigar Factory New Orleans where their expertise can still be tasted.

Now the Don Leoncio sons have established a new venture in New Orleans, LA. The generations of experience and knowledge are all put into creating the line of Don Leoncio cigars. You can taste the quality of these cigars in their expert choice in the combination of fillers, wrappers and binders. There are three lines of Don Leoncio cigars. Depending on your preference whether it be smooth and mild, robust and distinctive or rich and flavorful, the sons of Don Leoncio have created your cigar.

100% Hand-Made Cigar 100% Cuban seed / Long leaf. We roll aged Dominican, Honduran, and Nicaraguan Tobacco to create three lines of distinctive cigars that compliment each of our unique wrappers.


Juan Rodriguez - President
Ysidoro Rodriguez - Vice President
Luis Rodriguez - Vice President of Operations
Thomas Williams – Senior VP of Sales and Marketing
Michelle Beaudette – Office Manager